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 Harsens Island Construction Services

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Discover the craftsmanship that turns dreams into reality—dive into our services and see how we can elevate your space.

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No-cost, no-obligation project quotes to help you plan with confidence.

Windows and Doors

 Deck and Dock Construction

Custom-built decks and docks that blend beauty with durability.



 Precision installation for enhanced aesthetics and energy efficiency.


Transform your space with expertly installed countertops.

Wood & Steel Framing

Strong and precise framing as the backbone of your construction.


Seamless cabinet installations to optimize your storage space.


Applying your stylish and functional blinds, fitted to perfection.


Secure and beautify your property with high-quality fencing instillation.


Interior Trim & Molding

Add character to your rooms with custom trim and molding.

Stairs & Handrails

Safe and stylish stair and handrail solution & application for your home or business.


Foundation Repair

OIP (1).jpg
OIP (2).jpg

Expand your living space with a bespoke balcony.

 Solidify the integrity of your structure with expert foundation repair.

Structural Framing

Robust framing solutions for a sturdy and lasting build.

Tile Work

Exquisite tile installations that elevate your decor.


Protect and modernize your property with our professional roofing services.

Hardware Installation

Upgrade your space with the latest hardware, installed with care.

Interior Paint

Custom Woodwork


Refresh and personalize your space with our professional painting services.

Drywall Installation

Unique wood creations tailored to your specifications.

OIP (3).jpg

Decorative Beams

Smooth and durable drywall installed by our skilled team.

Add a touch of elegance with custom decorative beams.


Furniture Assembly

OIP (4).jpg

Acoustical Ceilings

Safe and efficient demolition services for your renovation needs.

Improve acoustics and aesthetics with our ceiling solutions.

Damage Repairs

OIP (5).jpg

Insulation Installation 

Quick and effective repairs to restore your property’s condition.

Enhance comfort and efficiency with professional insulation services.

Hassle-free assembly of your furniture, ensuring stability and style.

Preventative Maintenance and Weatherproofing

Protect your investment against the elements.


Structural Welding

 High-quality welding for strong and secure construction.

Kitchen & Bath Design - 3D Modeling & Visualization

 Elegant and functional bathroom and kitchen designs that combine comfort with style, tailored to your personal oasis.

If you're looking for reliable and professional construction services, contact us today. Our team is ready to discuss your project and provide you with the best solutions.

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